Home Mining

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Before you get started

Run your numbers:
HashRate Index

  • Miner Revenue, Profitability, and Power Consumption by rig
  • Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator
  • Check historical revenue averages and miner price over time

Things you will need

Next Gen ASIC from KaboomRacks

  • Miners are cheapest in the depths of a bear market
  • S19J Pro+ 120Th miners are now ~$2000

Cheap Electricity via ComparePower

  • Zero fees
  • Ability to compare power plans across a wide number of providers, find the best rates, and switch anytime.
  • Easy to read: Facts Label, ToS, YRAAC
  • Was able to save ~ 5c /KwH

Upgrade your home system

If you have a spare 220V Outlet you may not need an upgrade at all.

Find a space where you will install your miners

  • Take into consideration noise, heat, and airflow
  • For me, I installed 2x 240V Outlets in the garage for winter mining and 2x 240V outlets in my office closet for summer conditions.

Hire a licensed and bonded Electrician

  • Check your miners’ power consumption needs
    Mine was 200-240V, 20 Amps, 3300 Watts
  • Shop around and get several quotes
    I was able to find a competent electrician to upgrade my panel breakers and install 4 new 240V outlets for ~$600

Home mining is a learning process

Learning tips and tricks from fellow plebs

  • https://t.me/HomeMiningWizards
  • Lots of resources on underclocking, overclocking, hacking, immersion mining, enclosures, and more
  • Someone offered to sell an Upstream BlackBox for only $500 + Shipping (normally ~$2500+)

Building an enclosure

  • These things are loud and hot!
  • Commercial enclosures start ~$1700 and go up from there (https://shushminer.com/ & https://shop.upstreamdata.ca/product/ohmm-black-box/)
  • Dialectic fluid immersion mining may be ideal for home miners in hot climates, but ready-to-install kits are more than $2k (https://shop.foghashing.io/products/immersion-cooling-kit-c2-1?variant=41294979203123 & https://www.minestack.store/products/dcx-bitpod-icp15 )
  • Econoalchemist DIY BlackBox Guide