What is bitcoin?

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Bitcoin Prehistory

“A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” Let’s take it back a step… Bitcoin Prehistory Bitcoin Basics: What is essential for bitcoin to work? Software (code) Network (nodes) Transactions (blockchain) Consensus Mechanism

Home Mining

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Before you get started Run your numbers:HashRate Index Things you will need Next Gen ASIC from KaboomRacks Cheap Electricity via ComparePower Upgrade your home system If you have a spare 220V Outlet you may not … Read More

NFC Cards & Wallets for Bitcoin

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NFC Cards

Some popular NFC Cards:Coinkite SatsCard – Like an NFC enabled OpenDime with the ability to use it 10 times for on-chain txs.Coinkite Tapsigner – Bitcoin private key on a card that allows you to sign … Read More

What is hard money?

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Bitcoin What is hard money

Hard money is money that is “hard” to make more of, and you either need to mine it or expend energy to produce it. Henry Ford, 1921 “Under the energy currency system the standard would … Read More

Running Robosats Tutorial

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Running Robosats

Some things you will need to do to get started:1 – Get a Lightning Wallet2 – Get Tor Browser3 – Access RoboSats4 – Check the tutorials5 – Read Okada’s ROBOSATS: EXCHANGING BITCOIN EASILY, PRIVATELY AND … Read More

What is money?

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Money is a tool that solves the coincidence of wants, and a mode of communicating value. 3 Functions of Money: First Principles of Money: What is wrong with our money today? 3 Functions of Fiat … Read More