Running Robosats Tutorial

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Some things you will need to do to get started:
1 – Get a Lightning Wallet
2 – Get Tor Browser
3 – Access RoboSats
4 – Check the tutorials
6 – Buy an Amazon Gift Card

Choosing a Compatible Lightning Wallet

  • Alby: best-in-class UX, very compatible with RoboSats
  • Blixt: good for sellers, poor UX for hodl invoices, multiple pending HTLCs supported
  • LND: not beginner-friendly, highly compatible, supports bonds and payouts
  • Core Lightning / CLN: not beginner-friendly, highly compatible, supports bonds and payouts
  • Zeus: recommended with caution, misleading UX, highly compatible with payment status check
  • Muun: excellent UX for hodl invoices, good for sellers but not compatible for buyers due to fee siphoning attack
  • Phoenix: good UX, recommended with caution due to duration limitations for locking maker bond (order maker must set order duration to < 10 hours)
  • Bluewallet: good UX, not recommended due to accounting bugs, removing custodial wallet functionality
  • Bitcoin Beach:poor UX for hodl invoices, not recommended
  • OBW: good UX, highly compatible, supports bonds and payouts, recommended

A full list can be found at

We Will be using Breez Wallet for this tutorial:

  • Breez is a mobile Bitcoin wallet for iOS and Android that uses the Lightning Network for fast and cheap transactions (built on Flutter framework).
  • Breez wallet is a non-custodial wallet. This means that you have complete control over your funds and your private keys are stored on your own device.
  • Breez wallet does not have access to your funds or your private keys, and cannot freeze your account or restrict your access to your funds (censorship resistant).
  • Breez has a user-friendly interface and supports Tor for increased privacy and security.
  • Breez has a built-in marketplace for buying and selling goods and services using Lightning.
  • Breez allows you to create hodl invoices, which are invoices that can only be paid after a certain amount of time has passed, making it easier to save and hodl Bitcoin.

Creating a RoboSats trade with Tor Browser and Breez Wallet

Prerequisite: Buy an Amazon Gift Card

Step 1: Download and install Tor browser

Step 2: Launch the Tor Browser on your device.

Step 3: Navigate to the RoboSats platform using this onion link provided on their website (click here)

Step 4: Generate or Recover Your Robot Avatar. If you are a new user, generate a new robot avatar by following the instructions on the User Generation Home Page. RoboSats philosophy is “one identity -> one order”.

RoboSat Avatar

If you are an existing user, recover your robot avatar by entering your backed-up token and tapping “Generate Robot.”

Robosat avatar

Under the hood – this is how identities work:

Step 5: Explore the Order Book. You can view offers by amount, payment method, price, etc.

Step 6: Click on “Offers” to explore the available orders on RoboSats.

Step 7: Filter the orders by selecting “Buy” and “Amazon Gift Card” as the payment method.

robosat order book

Step 8: Create a New Order, if necessary. If you don’t find a suitable order, create a new order by clicking on “Create Order”. Set the order type to “Buy,” the payment method to “Amazon Gift Card,” and the amount equivalent to $25. LN privacy tool “lnproxy” ( and Read more about it here, basically it is like a VPN for receiving LN payments:

Step 9: Pay your HODL Invoice: Hodl invoices are LN invoices where the receiver doesn’t immediately release the preimage upon receiving the action of payment. Instead, the receiver performs some action and either accepts the payment, explicitly rejects it, or lets it time out. (It acts as a small fidelity bond ~3% of the trade is locked).

Pay Hodl Invoice

Check the confirmation screen on Breez.

Verify confirmation on RoboSats. If you see this message you are doing it right!

Verify confirmation on RoboSats. If you see this message you are doing it right!

Step 10: Submit Payout Information. Once the seller locks the trade escrow, generate a receive lightning invoice for the posted amount.

Submit Payout Information

Paste your receive address in the Payout Lightning Invoice field.

Paste your receive address in the Payout Lightning Invoice field.

Step 11: Chat with Seller. Once you have sent your receive address, engage in a chat with the seller to exchange the necessary details for the Amazon gift card. Make sure to share only the required information to maintain privacy (other payment method steps may vary).

Chat With Seller

Step 12: Send the Amazon Gift Card to the seller according to the provided instructions. Once the gift card is sent, click the “Confirm” button.

Send Amazon Gift Card

Step 13: Wait for Seller Confirmation. The seller will confirm receipt of the Amazon gift card.

Upon confirmation, the trade will be completed, and you will receive the Bitcoin in your Breez Wallet.

Step 14: Complete the Trade and Leave Feedback. After receiving the Bitcoin, you can leave feedback for the seller and the platform. Consider sharing your experience or suggestions for improvement in the RoboSats Telegram group or GitHub Issues