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A bitcoin mining energy debate about hydrocarbons vs wind/solar with Steve Barbour & Jesse Peltan. Moderated by Tuur Demeester. Payment links are in the description below.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, April 26 | 6 – 8pm CDT

Details & Schedule:Bitcoin mining requires energy as one key input to secure its 21 million fixed supply, which is the foundation of its value as money. As bitcoin adoption grows, the bitcoin network continues to demand more power, requiring sustainable sources of energy at scale. While the terms renewable and sustainable are often used to describe wind and solar, there is a growing debate in the energy community whether wind and solar are reliable sources of energy or economically unsustainable.Steve Barbour and Jesse Peltan will be joining us to debate whether hydrocarbons, principally natural gas and coal, are actually the most sustainable sources of energy to mine bitcoin as it scales rather than wind and solar.The debate will be moderated by Tuur Demeester as part of the Nakamoto Forum Debate Series presented by the Bitcoin Commons, which will occur quarterly on a range of subjects central to bitcoin.Resolution: Hydrocarbons are the most sustainable source of energy to mine bitcoinAffirmative: Steve Barbour, Upstream DataNegative: Jesse Peltan, HODL RanchModerated by Tuur DemeesterDinner will be provided

Location: The Bitcoin Commons – 601 Congress Avenue, Suite 250, Austin, TX 78701

Location details: We are located on the second floor of the Littlefield Building. Lobby entrance is located on East 6th Street next to the Capital One Cafe.