NOSTR Devs Course by PlebLab

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NostrDevs: Build a Social Network from Scratch

Master Nostr Protocol in 2023! Construct resilient social networks using cryptographic keys, signatures, clients, relays.

What you’ll learn

  • Intro to Nostr Development – Discover the unique Nostr protocol for censorship-resistant decentralized social networking.
  • Understanding Nostr’s Core Concepts – Dive deep into cryptographic keys, signature verification, and the vital roles within the Nostr system.
  • Problems with Existing Platforms – Thoroughly explore issues with Twitter, Mastodon, and SSB. Learn why Nostr is the go-to solution.
  • Mastering JavaScript for Nostr Development – Harness the power of JavaScript for implementing vital Nostr functionalities in your application.
  • Setup Your Nostr Development Environment – Detailed guide to establish your own Nostr development environment. Get ready to create!
  • Deep Exploration of Nostr Clients – Learn about client roles, interactions, and how to handle updates efficiently in the Nostr environment.
  • Comprehensive Dive into Nostr Relays – Understand the integral role of relays, their setup, and how they interact with clients in Nostr.
  • Efficient Handling & Management of Data in Nostr – Delve into data publishing, fetching, structuring, and post events within Nostr.
  • Addressing Network Challenges in Nostr – Learn how Nostr tackles user bans, spam, data storage for a robust, healthy network.
  • Hands-On: Build Your First Nostr App – A comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating your first application using the Nostr protocol.

Beginner friendly Udemy developer course for building NOSTR applications – $59.99