Popular Bitcoin Node Projects

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Bitcoin Core
– Reference implementation
– Can run on an old laptop
– Requires ~500GB of Drive Space

– Runs on a raspberry Pi
– Fully Open Source

Umbrel, MyNode, & Nodl
– Plug and Play
– Lightning enabled (LND/Core Lightning)
– “Swiss army knife”

Start 9 Embassy
– Self-sovereign computing device (file server, pw manager, etc.)
– Bitcoin core
– Core Lightning

– On-chain only bitcoin node
– Whirlpool Dojo (CoinJoin Suite)
– Bisq-network and privacy tool integration

What are some ways to connect a wallet (signing device) to a bitcoin full node?

HWI with bitcoin core
– Multi device support
– More complicated CLI setup
– Advanced use cases; integration with custom software

Electrum Server
– Integrates with multiple plug and play node setups (mynode, umbrel, etc.)
– Easier network integration (including Tor)
– Connect to your node remotely

Use Sparrow Wallet
– Leverages all of the above in an easier setup
– Can connect to a public node, bitcoin core, or remote node via electrum server